Talk Show Episode 95

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Special thanks to West Coast Shaving for supplying items for this episode review.

Hello folks and welcome back to a new episode of our ongoing series about men's products from around the world. This week we discuss Dubs mustache wax and beard oil made by Nicholas Watford and what we think of the products. 

Howdy Pika peeps. W continue our series of shaving products from around the world. In this episode Mistress Tammila gives her 30+ years of experience in skin care, hair, and environmental factors pertaining to skin care and how this affects your skin with shaving. We compare two Sandlewood shave soaps, 1 from Italy by Prorasso and 1 from Edwin Jagger. We also review the Edwin Jagger 3 piece razor. Thank you for being loyal and tuning in.

Talk Show Show Episode 93

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Talk Show Episode 97

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